Babes and Bikes for 101KGB

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Hot Girls and Motorcycles Radio Station Web Feature: 101KGB’s Babes and Bikes

This was a project I produced with the help of on-air host Clint August for about 3 years at 101KGB (an iHeartMedia radio station).

I shot and edited the video, created the graphics, did the sound logo with a guitarist, and coordinated the photographers and models for the shoots.

We published a new video and photo gallery on the 101KGB web site every week and generated around 4 million page views (last time I checked).

I got really familiar with search engine optimization not only on the web in general, but on YouTube as well, while trying to promote this feature. The page has ranked #1 on Google for the search term “Babes and Bikes” for about 2 years now… but, that could change!

The feature ended up getting sponsored by Biggs Harley-Davidson for 2 years.

There were a lot of great photographers, models, and venues that we collaborated with… Oh, and the bikes were pretty rad too! We even shot an episode with a TV show on Discovery Channel. We had a good run and it was a lot of fun!

These are just a few of the episodes:


Check out the rest of the Babes and Bikes episodes!

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