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Over the years, I’ve had the honor of working with some really talented and amazing musicians. We’ve played in bands, done DJ sets, sat in stuffy rooms, recorded at prestigious studios, ate Ramen noodles together, and maybe had too much Jack Daniels.

This is a collection of original songs going back as far as 2000. The genres of the tracks vary and so does the sound quality. So, please bare with us as some of these tracks were learning experiences, but still hold a nostalgic feeling near and dear close to our hearts. I hope you enjoy!

  1. My Summer (RedideO Remake) Vino Alan 2:53
  2. 808 Love I Like Tomorrow 4:48
  3. Elephants Ketchikan 3:43
  4. Icebreaker Redideo 5:45
  5. Dreams (RedideO Instrumental) Fleetwood Mac 6:39
  6. Leave It Behind Blake, Shane & Redideo 3:28
  7. This Feeling MDT & Redideo w William Walsh 3:51
  8. Pusher Man KC and Redideo 4:54
  9. Wanna Be Woah Man 6:51
  10. The World Is In Our Hands Redideo 4:37
  11. Your Body (RedideO ReMix w William Walsh) Christina Aguilera
  12. Super User I Like Tomorrow 3:57
  13. Flux Redideo and Mike Flannagan 6:02
  14. House of The Rising Sun (LoFi Room Recording Cover) Dirty Kats 4:48
  15. Square Fractals Redideo 5:26
  16. Paco Lips (LoFi Room Recording) Dirty Kats 4:26
  17. Ya Ya Yantra Redideo 5:27
  18. Jihad Ketchikan 3:15
  19. Wipe My Ass Justin, TP, and Redideo 7:49
  20. Nocturnal Bipolar Synergy 5:00
  21. Darian Ketchikan 2:37
  22. Sun Light I Like Tomorrow 6:38
  23. Martyr Man KC and Redideo 6:09
  24. Do Me Baby Jarad and Redideo 3:24
  25. Good Question I Like Tomorrow 4:40
  26. Dig Your Own Grave Woah Man 5:33
  27. God In A Sandwich Redideo 2:03
  28. My Addiction, My Doom Dirty Kats 4:49
  29. Dead Lonely Leaves Adaptation Bipolar Synergy and Supernal 3:54
  30. Cellular Love Woah Man 5:16
  31. Redideo Sound Logo Redideo 0:10
  32. Hey! True Blue (Extended Intro Mashup) Redideo and William Walsh 6:27
  33. New Wave Ketchikan 1:27
  34. The Ham Jam Redideo 3:00

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