In Search of Sound Converse Indaba Music Contest

Quirky little track I made to submit to this Converse contest on Indaba Music. They provided 20 random soundscape samples that you had to make a song out of. Related Posts Mobile Application Design: Chip Leader – Pok… Web Video Ad: Sombrero Mexican Food Web […]

the ham jam

3d turntables

Off The Cuff House Minimix and Fixed Denon CDJs

Sometimes I question whether spending money on gear is really worth it. But, sometimes it really pays off… not literally but psychologically. Maybe one day it will pay off literally! I got the Denon DN-S3000s (CDJs) fixed today and did a quick little mini house […]

Custom Edirol PCR M80 MIDI Controller Update

Well, I got all of the keys back on and it looks freakin’ sick!!!! Buuuuuut… unfortunately refurbished doesn’t hold true to this piece of electronic gear. Some of the keys still aren’t making contact and sending the midi signals I need! I’m sure if I […]

Custom Edirol PCR M80 Red Keys MIDI Controller

painted red midi keyboard keys

Edirol Midi Controller Refurb and Customization

So, I decided to refurbish my Edirol PCR-M80 midi controller. I’ve had it for about 5 years and some of the keys just flat out stopped working. At first I thought I was going to be able to clean the connections with air duster and […]